• Life looks amazing from the outside, but you feel sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and lonely on the inside.
• You feel like a fraud most days and keeping the façade leaves you emotionally exhausted.
• What you’ve achieved doesn’t feel like enough.
• You find yourself in relationships that keep hurting you and are not right for you.

The decision to seek psychotherapy is not always easy, so I want to commend you for taking the first important step. Psychotherapy is not about quick fixes. It’s about extensive growth, change, and willingness to make an open-ended commitment to yourself. My desire for every person who comes into my office is to help you come to a point where you are living the life you desire without guilt, shame, and anxiety controlling you.  My approach to psychotherapy is to provide you a safe and non-judgmental environment to begin your process. I focus on pulling from your strengths and unconscious defenses and patterns to help foster growth and change.

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Psychological Evaluations

One of the most common reasons people start counseling is because they want to know themselves better. Self-understanding is a process and personality assessment offers that insight.

I offer General Psychological and Personality Testing to help you understand what’s going and what to do about it.

It is a tool that can help you deepen your understanding of yourself, your patterns, and needs. The assessment results can offer you a starting point about how your natural gift as well as personality characteristics could be applied to your world and offer you a map for how to move forward. Furthermore, it provides you with tools for personal growth whose values extends beyond our counseling room.

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Online Psychotherapy

I have a limited amount of video sessions available for individuals that would benefit from the flexibility of not attending sessions at my office. Get in touch to talk more about this option. 

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